Showing posts with label McLaren MP4 -12C is the next street model that launched the brand after the F1 of the 90's but the concept is totally different.. Show all posts
Showing posts with label McLaren MP4 -12C is the next street model that launched the brand after the F1 of the 90's but the concept is totally different.. Show all posts

Monday, 13 June 2011

 you can imagine is a fair dedicated to the luxury in which they have jewelry, mansions, yachts, clothes, and what interests us most, cars.

The truth is I was very excited in spite of not being able to drive the wonders he would see. It was the first time I approached the McLaren MP4 -12C and as for the Pagani Huayra could see it in the Geneva Motor Show a few minutes but this time I could see it under natural light and contemplate it for several hours.

The Guarnieri Group is responsible for distributing the exclusive vehicles of these two brands. We could keep an interesting conversation with several product managers and its CEO, Mario Guarneri that told us his impressions of both cars.

The stand was at the end of the port. To get there we leave stores like Cartier and Armani, the truth, we are not interested. Instead, they do look at various Ferrari, Lamborghini and especially struck us find several units of Rolls-Royce Phantom and Bentley Continental GTC enrolled in a variety of countries.

McLaren MP4 -12C
You know almost all the technical details of this car after the presentation in Madrid at which my companion went Sergio Alvarez , therefore, I will concentrate on my impressions to see it live and discuss some peculiarities of the English sports car.

The McLaren MP4 -12C is the next street model that launched the brand after the F1 of the 90's but the concept is totally different. The McLaren F1 was a race car fitted out for use on the road and 100 units were manufactured. The MP4 -12C is a performance car for use every day , 1000 units will be built in the first year reaching more than 3,000 units year with the new factory in Woking.

When I saw the first pictures of the McLaren MP4 -12C , its design seemed simple, low risk. Seeing him in reality, I thought it's still a spectacular car and that the silver gray color is the one that best suits him. This unit came to be exhibited in the paddock at Montmelo and Monaco may be the reason to be painted in color similar to the cars of the brand.

The side view is perhaps the most attractive. Has a profile similar to the McLaren F1 and adds a huge gills cool the motor. The black rims and carbon fiber mirrors create a pleasant contrast to the body. In the rear highlights the twin exhaust pipes on the bumper and spoiler mobile.

And raise the door open to get inside. Openness is not a handle but with a modern touch. I settle into the driver's bucket and watch. The interior is simply designed in full accordance with the exterior, for example, the steering wheel is sporty with carbon fiber inserts but does not have a button. It uses small levers behind the hoop.

The dashboard is covered in Alcantara and leather center console is dominated by a rectangular screen located along, not as wide as usual. If we find the buttons down only enough to change the various parameters of the driver, then look no air conditioning controls are located on the side of each door.

After detailed analysis within, Fernando García-Herreros , Sales Executive of the mark, start the engine by pressing a red button on the attractive center console. The 3.8 biturbo V8 comes to life and noticeable vibration at idle on my back. The impressive sound emanating from the exhaust makes me take the wheel, put your foot on the pedal that handles 600 hp and want to reach the red zone on the tachometer that begins in the 8,500 rpm

No, I could not drive it all was that, in a desire to feel its benefits in circuit or Autobahn . Hopefully one day have that opportunity. From then on I loved standing quietly and sporting appearance. For the € 223,100 it costs, is a tough rival for the Ferrari 458 Italy , the Lamborghini Gallardo LP570 Superleggera -4 , and the Mercedes-Benz AMG SLS .

Pagani Huayra
In autumn last year I went to Circuit Ascari a co-pilot the Pagani Zonda R , a laboratory car where they put to test some innovations by that time called Pagani C9. After hearing the words of Horacio Pagani , the expectations on the new model were very high, but still without having taken I dare say she has passed.

The result is the Huayra Pagani , a radical-looking sports car, a real racing car with which to enjoy or road circuit . From outside, the interior looks like the cockpit of an airplane game that sits on a body with original design features as the shape of mirrors, tires, rear lights and the quadruple exhaust outlet.

Fit inside, the perceived uniqueness is even greater than the outside . The dashboard is lined in leather and all buttons are polished aluminum, but what is most surprising in a car of this type, mix design technology with a retro . Many functions are operated by switches, the odometer is analog and some actions such as regulation of the steering wheel are mechanically by a lever.

But here there are not only exquisite design and perfect materials, let us not forget that this is a true driving machine. The engine cover is opened by releasing two leather straps with signed buckle brand and exposes the V12 Biturbo to 700 hp with the proper signature of the engineer of AMG who oversaw its production.

Actually, the Pagani Huayra more than a supercar, is a work of art made ​​car . The artist is Horacio Pagani , and his disciples in San Cesario sul Panaro in Modena are the hand made ​​it perfectly with every detail chosen by the lucky buyer, you can drive it or consider it as if in a museum.

Only manufacture 20 units per year at the price of a work of art in Spain talking about something more than a million euros - approximately € 1,072,000 - Taxes already included. Currently, the waiting list is two and a half years so that each client, plus a lot of money, you will need lot of patience to enjoy the power gem.

I invite you to be careful to observe in detail the full gallery of photos that I leave and then opinéis on these two cars have their place in the history of the motor. For my part, I have two more members in the garage of my dreams.

Pagani Huayra and McLaren MP4 -12C, two gems together in Marbella


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