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Sunday, 11 September 2011

Eterniti Motors’ new super-SUV
  • Image Credit: Supplied picture
  • Look familiar? Yes, it’s just like any other pumped-up Cayenne on the streets of the UAE.

Don’t adjust your screens, that unmistakeable Porsche Cayenne silhouette is in fact what London’s Eterniti Motors calls a brand new car from the world’s latest car manufacturer.

The joke, of course, is that underneath the make up the “world’s first super-SUV,” as Eterniti’s press material puts it, is basically just a Porsche Cayenne. So the newest car manufacturer merely makes bodykits and blings up interiors.
The British ‘carmaker’ is showing off the Hemera SUV at this week’s Frankfurt motor show, but make sure you pay attention or you might miss it in the sea of Lumma Design, Hamann, Speedart, Gemballa and other Cayennes, including, of course, Porsche’s own.

To be fair, Eterniti motors promises new levels of luxury and performance, starting with a limousine-like rear cabin, including twin electric reclining seats, iPads and a drinks chiller. The company also hikes power up to 620bhp. Presumably with a TechArt remap. 


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